Giving you more reasons to stick around longer. Because, the fun doesn't need to end when the music does.

Super Flea & Food

The Superflea is your one-stop shop for all things Boho to get your festival fashion game on point. From fashion to food, the Supercrew has your festival experience covered. With over 40 homegrown food stalls to cater to every tastebud and budget, nobody dances on an empty stomach here.

Mother Trucker
Burgertron's lip-smacking burgers sold out nearly every day of the festival.
Nacho' average Mexican food truck.

Action Central

A sprawling area designated to give everyone a healthy dose of adrenaline, to get that body pumped for some serious dancing! Come, get some action here.

Having a ball of a time.
A good place to hang.
The swingers club.
Practicing footsy.

Beer Garden

Conveniently located close to the food stalls to help turn a brunch into drunch! With a variety of fine brews to leave you spoilt for choice, the beer garden is the ultimate place to get great head on the go.

The festival goer's Garden of Eden.
Outdoor seating overlooking the Dub Stage.

Happy Hours

Great deals to keep your wallets happy! Making sure everyone enjoys the opening acts without losing their buzz. Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!
Keeping everyone in high spirits.

After Hours

The party doesn’t stop when the festival does. So when the clock strikes 10.30 and the beats stop dropping, head over to the Super Flea and the beer garden for a party that will stop when you say the word.

The legit after party begins here.
Gig hoppers skipping this may experience major FOMO.


Enjoying a music festival isn’t easy business. With great enjoyment, comes great fatigue. Rest assured you can relax in peace with spa services at the venue to rejuvenate those sore bodies back to dancing condition!

Therapy to keep you smiling all day long.
Your cozy corner awaits.