Because We Care

Vh1 Supersonic is a festival with a conscience.

Special Assistance Squad

From the first drop to the last, the Supercrew will make sure you never miss a beat! We aid your festival experience with super special arrangements like ramps, special elevated access areas and volunteers to be by your side every step of the way when you are at the venue.

Building a festival for everyone.

Free Water

Remember the golden words: Stay hydrated to Stay Supersonic. Wherever you may be enjoying yourself at the festival, there,s always free water available a stone throw away.

Water, water everywhere!

Art at Supersonic

Let,s Go #ArtSonic! Every year, we collaborate with young artists across the country to promote and showcase budding creative talent through various installations set-up across the festival grounds. Who knows, what you appreciate today may be famous tomorrow.

At our festival, every curve is beautiful.

The Supersonic Tuck

The one shop stop for all bare necessities. From personal hygiene products to knick-knacks to munch on, we,ve got you covered. So the only thing you should be worrying about is making it to your favourite artist,s set on time.

We've got the bare necessities.

Eco Friendly

We are responsible and committed towards promoting eco-friendly practices on the days of the festival. From introducing eco-friendly installations to designated counters to exchange trash for exciting goodies, we,re doing our bit to change the way waste will be treated at the festival.

Dump waste, not girlfriends.