Vh1 Supersonic Arcade hasn’t stopped bringing India the best of firsts since its very first edition in 2014. From The Chainsmokers debut performance on Indian soil to hosting Skrillex’s 5-city tour, there’s not a name the Arcade’s roster has given fans across a night worth reminiscing.

Arcade screen


Above and

Blast from the past

Bangarang Time

The largest congregation of fans in black t-shirts which isn’t a metal gig.

Let them
have cake

When Indian fans got a taste of the Aoki treatment.

Dashing through
the Show

Shop till you drop or atleast until the bass drops.

The rise
of #Selfie

When India experienced The Chainsmokers before it was cool to like them.

Saturday Night
with Pretty Lights

A gig under the stars.

Group Therapy

A night we all found a Place called Home.

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